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Tohmei (formerly Mitsubishi heavy Industries) stabilizers use gyro technology to reduce boat roll at anchor and underway to provide increased comfort levels for passengers and crew.  Suitable for all pleasure and commercial applications.


Key Features:

Tohmei gyros can be mounted anywhere in the vessel without any degredation in anti-rolling performance

Simple design, robust  precision Japanese engineering. In manufacture since 2000 - proven design and reliability

Natural air cooling- no water pumps or heat exchanger problems or maintenance.

Compact design - one of the smallest volume products (when compared to the anti-rolling torque it delivers) on the market

Straightforward installation


Why Us

  • Quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Products to produce more enjoyment on the water
  • Knowledgeable technical advice 

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The owners have over 25 years experience in importing and distributing technical products. At Pacific Tech Imports we understand the importance of providing quality technical advice and service to ensure you get the best product for the application and maximises the return on your investment.
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