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Anti Rolling Gyro Stabilizers

Mitsubishi Antirolling Gyo 1 Mitsubishi Antirolling Gyro 2

The Tohmei (formerly Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) Anti-Rolling Gyro (ARG) stabilisers significantly reduce boat roll at anchor and trolling speeds. Gyro technology originally developed for space vehicles is utilised to create forces opposing vessel roll (view theory of operation). The ARG can be fitted to virtually any commercial or pleasure craft to enhance passenger comfort and reduce crew fatigue.
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  • No protrusions on the hull for drag free operation.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Simple installation - no water cooling, flat bed mounting, doesn't need to be on centerline.
  • Can be installed on existing boats and new builds.
  • Multiple units can be installed to generate greater anti rolling torque to further reduce roll.
  • Typical Applications: Motor yachts and launches, coast guard vessels, ferries, diving boats, sightseeing vessels, sport fishing boats, pilot boats, research vessels etc.
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Model Anti-Rolling Torque
Nm (Max)
Rated RPM Weight
(W x L x H)
 Vessel Displacement
ARG 175T 17,500 4,600 380 950 x 620 x 630 25
ARG 250T 25,000 3,750 700 1000 x 720 x 700 40
ARG 375T 37,500 3,250 910 1120 x 830 x 780 60

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ARG 175T

ARG 175T

The ARG 175T Anti Rolling Gyro significantly reduces boat roll in vessels up to 25 ton displacement
ARG 250T

ARG 250T

The ARG 250T Anti Rolling Gyro significantly reduces boat roll in vessels up to 40 ton displacement
ARG 375T

ARG 375T

The ARG 375T Anti Rolling Gyro significantly reduces boat roll in vessels up to 60 ton displacement

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